Thursday, May 30, 2013

Josh & Carrie {Wedding}

Josh & Carrie had a lovely May wedding in Frederick.  Josh glowed at the sight of his bride, and Carrie shined with her pure beauty and affection for him.  Their family & friends surrounded them with love &  support, God held off the rain, and they were finally married in a simple, intimate ceremony.

   photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-5.jpg

 photo DSC_0202.jpg

 photo DSC_0242.jpg

 photo DSC_0187.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-62.jpg

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 photo DSC_0014.jpg

 photo DSC_0061-1.jpg

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 photo DSC_0078-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0048.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-49.jpg

 photo DSC_0158.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-50.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-81.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-90.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-99.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-74.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-133.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-144.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_416-181.jpg

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 photo DSC_0942.jpg

 photo 13_05_Wesolekwedding_415-70.jpg

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 photo DSC_0993.jpg

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 photo DSC_9947.jpg

 photo DSC_1047.jpg

 photo DSC_1059.jpg

A wonderful thank you to Rachael Boer for her great help during this wedding, and for some of her images!

Stay Beautiful,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chris & Melissa {Wedding}

"The Lord has promised good to me." 

Melissa is a free spirited dreamer, with a caring and traditional heart.  Chris is empathetic, relaxed, and all for adventure.   They met at their college (I also met Melissa there, since my brother attended the same school)  where Melissa helped lead in the Campus Crusade Ministry.  After her leave, Chris took over, and he also took over and won Melissa's heart at the same time.  Within the first date, Melissa knew Chris was the one, and Chris was sure Melissa was the girl he'd want to care for, love, and serve God with. Their relationship held so many joys, but also much separation, as Melissa traveled to Bolivia, away from Chris, to teach at a school there.  Chris went after his girl, proposed to her there in South America, and they knew soon she'd come back and marry that thoughtful, wonderful man.  This is where their story begins.

Melissa will always have a special place in my heart, and I could devote an entire blog post just for our relationship.  I've written this post for them 3 different times, and so many images have been put in, only to be taken out again.  I'm proud of their images and wish I could share them all.  One of the things I was most grateful for their day was Melissa's bridal party.  They were the best bridal party i've had the pleasure to work with, and I could devote a good paragraph just for them.  I could also tell of what an amazing bride Melissa was, and how her confidence and trust in my photographic abilities meant the world.  But I really want to focus on them, and them alone.  Their day was romantic, smooth, classic, exuberantly joyful, and beautiful.  I decided to blog a little differently than my normal "crazy beautiful life" style, because I feel that these are the images from their day that captured those words best.

 photo TJW_1389.jpg  photo TJW_1386.jpg  photo TJW_1425.jpg  photo TJW_1468.jpg  photo TJW_1501.jpg  photo TJW_1507.jpg  photo TJW_1510.jpg  photo TJW_1513.jpg  photo TJW_1516.jpg  photo TJW_1529.jpg  photo DSC_6880.jpg  photo DSC_6897.jpg  photo DSC_6901.jpg  photo TJW_1575.jpg  photo TJW_1545.jpg  photo TJW_1563.jpg  photo TJW_1581.jpg  photo TJW_1663.jpg  photo TJW_1678.jpg  photo TJW_1681.jpg  photo TJW_1713.jpg  photo TJW_1719.jpg  photo TJW_1730.jpg  photo TJW_1685.jpg  photo DSC_6861.jpg  photo DSC_6956.jpg  photo DSC_6950.jpg  photo TJW_1793.jpg  photo TJW_1814.jpg  photo TJW_1864.jpg  photo DSC_6989.jpg  photo TJW_1878.jpg  photo TJW_2095.jpg  photo TJW_2101.jpg  photo TJW_2054.jpg  photo TJW_2105.jpg  photo DSC_7124.jpg  photo DSC_7148.jpg  photo DSC_7162-1.jpg