Hey guys! I’m Anne Elizabeth, a lifestyle photographer based in the MD/DC area. The best words to describe my photographic style are: classy, yet  simple, romantic, and even bubbly.  Getting to know you or your family before I take your photos is important, so it’s only fair for me to introduce myself and for you to get to know me a little, first. 

- My first love is Jesus Christ. He has blessed me with the gift of photography, and it is such a joy to capture some of His wonderful world with my camera.

- I have been blessed with growing up around photographers including my Dad, so it’s not far fetched to say that I was born with a Nikon in my hand.

 - I’m a huge fan of argyle, skirts, and color coordinating fun, classy, outfits with a flare. And in my world an outfit is not complete without a headband or scarf.

- I love being surrounded by God’s creation; whether it be a field with sunshine, the quiet beauty of a first snowfall, wearing a favorite hoodie in the autumn breeze, a lake, ocean, stream, or any place that is quiet and calm but with a (you guessed it) interesting focal point.  These are also my favorite places to do a photo-shoot.

- I love the random, simple joys of life; like Ferris Wheels at night, breaking out into a dance in the most unusual places, cranking out hours of work on my Mac at Starbucks, lights on the Christmas tree, traveling, and food… but they just naturally go hand in hand, yes? Whether it be lemons, laughter, or iTunes…. I love delighting in the small, yet special things. :) 

- My goal is to capture your crazy, beautifullife in a realistic, yet compelling photos, which will be treasured for years to come.