Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a Little big Caught in the Middle

Happy Monday to you!
I've written this post in my head at least 6 times.  I've neglected this blog like no other, and while i've continued to shoot, I haven't continued to share.  Unless it was on my facebook page images haven't gone out like I prefer them to.  The fall started my freshman year of college, (what whaaaat!  Yes, that happened.)  and with several weekly migraines haunting me and a whole new world of academics, things slipped.  I have some of the most supporting clients, who still believed and loved my photographs even though they weren't being blogged. That was so encouraging to me.  I still read blogs!  I still looked at my blog frequently.  I know what needs to be changed and the areas that need tweaking, but writing time was scarce.  Now with adjustment to my new "college" life, migraines in check, and thousands of pictures currently backing up to my external hard-drive.  It's time to start sharing.  I've been living a lot  and I have pictures to prove it.  So i'm back!  In black?  Actually no, my new color obsession is coral.  I swoon at the sight of it.

 photo TJW_2511-1.jpg

 photo DSC_8981.jpg

 photo DSC_7665.jpg

 photo TJW_6538.jpg

 photo TJW_6553.jpg

 photo TJW_6634.jpg

 photo TJW_1878.jpg

 photo TJW_2105.jpg

 photo TJW_1341.jpg

 photo DSC_8111.jpg

 photo DSC_8210.jpg

It's a crazy beautiful life, and you're now back to viewing it right along with me.  :)

Stay Beautiful,