Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sincere Heart

I'm sitting here looking at the iMac screen trying to start this blogpost. It's been a while, I know. Without meaning to I've been on a month long break. This spring held several shoots, and two weddings. That was a lot for me to handle during finals with school. For one of them, I took my spanish final in the morning and then went and shot a wedding in the afternoon. This first part of my June was spent with Lightroom. I spent hours upon hours in front of that screen. Normally 3 hours at a time, I set deadlines for myself and I was going to make them. A lot happened with my business, and honestly, I was exhausted, and worn out. I had to finish several deadlines before leaving for my trip to California and Colorado, and I felt like all I did was shoot, edit, and blog. I fully planned to come back roaring from vacation with lots of posts, but I couldn't bring myself to sit down and write. I haven't even logged into blogger to check other people's blog and do my daily blog stalking in weeks.

My entire plan for my senior year changed this summer, I went on a life changing vacation, I learned what it meant to pour my heart out to God, I have a brand new room thanks to my amazing friends (Best Birthday Surprise!) I've gotten sunburns, thousands of pictures, and a new outlook on life. So, now that I'm all refreshed I should be ready to blog, yes? Ha. Yeah, I'm off to my church's youth retreat this week. But I'm here, I'm still booking, I will post pictures very soon, and I'm not down for the count. I really am very excited to start regularly blogging again. :)


Stay Beautiful,

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