Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Internship-Day One

This week is internship week with the fabulous Kristen Leigh!

It is loads of fun, and I'm learning A LOT. The first day I learned how to shoot in manual. It was interesting to explore everything my camera had to offer. I had no clue what the iso, f stop, shutter speed, and how everything worked but after many simple shoots I started to get the hang of it.

The first day we shot at Jimmie Cone. It was our first time doing an official shoot in manual and I think they turned out pretty nice! We shot Kristen's little sisters, Lauren and Shannon, and we also got some of Lydia! (Another wedding photographer) After getting our ice cream we were ready to shoot.

Little miss Lauren

Lydia looking awesome. (The sun was a problem but I like it.)

The girl can not take a bad picture.

This just screams diva to me. So adorable.

So Lauren decided to tackle everyone.. :-P

Very fun.

Can you say model for Gap or the Children's Place?


  1. These are soooo beautiful! Simply stunning! Can we do a photoshoot?? teehee. ;) <3

  2. haha. :-P
    Sure hun I'de love that!

  3. Wonderful Work Anne! Love the first picture!!

  4. SO gorgeous :D You are great, little lady!

  5. These are awesome Anne! looove that last one :)

  6. Great job Anne, I am so happy for you!
    Mrs. B

  7. anne this is gwen. i love all of them. but i have one suggestion, on the 6th picture of nikki, im not a huge fan of the grass in the frone( thats out of focus) maybe crop it out and have it just focused on her more, thats what i think. but other than that, WOW!!!!!!
    i sooo want to get together and take pics with ya