Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's our thing.

Back when I was six, my family went on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. My Dad had just gotten his first DSLR camera, the Nikon D1 . He was SO excited to go on that vacation with his new camera. He had been taking pictures the whole time, and I REALLY wanted to take a picture with his new, fancy camera. Everytime we went on vacations my parents would buy my siblings and I disposable, film cameras. When the picture below was taken, it was the beginning of the trip and my Dad knew I would waste all of my film before we really even did anything. So, he allowed me to use his camera. He put it around my neck and I immediatly felt SO cool. It was heavy and I could barely hold it, but it was such a nice feeling. He told me how to do it and then... this is what I got.
(This picture is now framed and hanging in my dad's office.)

Ever since this picture, I've learned how much I loved taking photos, and my family learned that I did actually have some type of photography eye!

Before I purchased my camera, I used Dad's quite often, and we would always go over the pictures together to see how I did.


Besides getting my love of photography from my Dad, I have learned so much from him. I love coming to him with questions about my camera and how to achive the affect I am looking for. He always seems to know the answer and takes time to sit down & explain everything to me.


Since I started my business in June, Dad has come to my shoots and been my second shooter. I have grown to LOVE that! It is so nice to have him there. I know that if I have a quick question and need some input, he is there. For the most part, I think he sits back and watches me "do my thing" and I hope it makes him proud.

(Sorry for the bad quality)

I love working with you, Dad. I especially love how, no matter what, this will always be our thing; the one thing we can always do together.

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  1. Cuuuuteness! That is so nice that you two are close like that! =) And it's cool to have your dad as a second shooter! 8D