Saturday, October 16, 2010

{You need an update}

God, in this total faithfulness, saw my need and provided me with a lot of shoots this past week. (And this coming week.) These shoots have blessed and brought so much joy to me as i'm on the job. Another great aspect was that I was finally able to purchase the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens. (!!!) I've wanted this bad boy for quite some time now, but I honestly didn't think i'd be getting it anytime in the near future since the cost was so high.

I've been swarmed with school, shoots, and editing the past weeks. I've also been faced with a lot of deadlines for this business and it's all just been a lot. A blessing, but a lot. Now that I have this awesome lens, I decided I needed to just stop editing, blogging, working, doing homework, and just go on a Chipotle & downtown date with a friend. It was very needed. :) (And maaaybe I was really craving a burrito bowl? ;)

(I've decided that one burrito bowl could feed a starving kid in Africa for a week. :P)


Stay Beautiful,

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  1. Our family went to Chipotle on Saturday, and John got a burrito bowl, and i agree with you. It could feed a starving kid for a week, and a burrito could feed a starving kid for a month. :)