Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Workshop

Not many people can say they did a shoot with a Tornado warning in affect. ;)

The morning started with the ever important questions "Did we get everything?" "How are we supposed to get the iMac in the car without it getting wet?" "Should we take a bunch of umbrellas?" "Where are the papers? Did you grab the info papers for them?" "I forgot my chapstick!"
Somehow, we still ended up having a successful day. ;)

Back in April, Dad and I have the privilege of hosting our first workshop! A good amount of stress and tears went into this day on our part, there was so many things we wanted to teach them! The large amount of stress came from the location for the couple shoot. I knew it was going to be pouring rain, I knew I couldn't change the date, I knew I needed natural light, and I was SO lost on where to turn. Thankfully by the grace of God I found a greenhouse close to where we did the workshop, and everything went very smoothly! The workshoppers know how to own a shoot even in the rain. ;D


In the morning we focused on manual and how to use your camera (I was going to only allow 20 minutes to learn manual. Needless to say, they were REALLY glad we ended up spending more time. ;) And the afternoon we focused on the business side. We covered a lot of points in a couple hours!

We had a really fun group of people, and I legit love all of them. :D

I was so amazed with how everyone did. All of them are just starting, but their "eye" was amazing! They all had great pictures and I was so very proud of them.

At this point in the day we had thunder, lightning, pouring rain, and we were all pretty wet. Packing rain boots that morning was the best decision I ever made that day. ;)

I would also like to take note that all the workshoppers have an inner ninja. With over 9 people shooting, it was a challenge to get the shot they wanted, so they would squeeze between places, climb on-top of things, sneak behind people.... I was amazed at the places they went to get their shot. "Goodness look at you guys! Yeah, get that shot! :D"
Everyone loved taking the pictures, but didn't really focus on the encouraging part of posing the couple. So we got some pretty great quotes out of the day. "Guys, you want them to feel confident and comfortable. Keep talking, keep complimenting!" "I love your hair!" "Your boots are super cute!" "You're such a cute couple!" "More emotion, I love it!" "Feel it guys, feel it!"


Guys, I was absolutely amazed at how well you did posing, shooting, making your pictures different from everyone else's, and having a great attitude. (Even though we might have been struck by lightning. ;) I am really looking forward to watching your photography journey, you've got major talent!

Stay Beautiful,

(Heyyyy! Look who got a new blog! *wink* It's still a work in progress, but it's up! Love it, hate it, like it? I'd love to know!)

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  1. So glad this went well! What a great turnout too! :D