Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Design

Heyyy guys!

The new blog design is finally done and i'm so excited, it's everything I could have wanted! Classic, fun, flirty, elegant.... I told my friend what I was looking for, and she literally threw this design together on her first try. I was so amazed, and really happy. :D When I asked you guys what you thought about it, so many of you responded on facebook about how much you loved it, and how much it looked like me. To quote one of my friends "The only way this blog could look more like you is if it came with a blood sample." I took that as a really good sign. ;D Make sure you check out the tabs! I'll be changing those a little here soon, but for the most part they are done and scream me. Thanks for being amazing guys, can't wait to start shooting again!


(photo credit: Valerie Beth)


Stay Beautiful,

P.S. A huge, HUGE thank you to Nicki! Go to her blog, comment on her posts, tell her she's amazing, and give her a big hug if you ever see her in person. ;) haha!
If you ever need a blog design done, go talk to her. She pulled this whole blog together so fast and so perfectly!

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  1. Ahh Anne you are the sweetest ♥ I will have the final changes up soon--school has been crazy but I promise I will work on it soon! ;) Love you girl and so happy you love your new blog. Oh, and lets please hang out soon?