Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow {Julie}

We got snow today!! :D Which I love. (And not just because it canceled FCC, though that was a plus. ;P) I love snow because the whole world just becomes Narnia to me, and everything is so still and peaceful. :)

I posted on my facebook status about offering a free photoshoot to celebrate this wondrous stuff, and Julie said she could make it! :D I've been dying to do some pictures in the road with the snow covered trees framing the faces. :) Most of time was spent racing in and out of the streets and me sliding all over the place, but ya know, it was fun. :D

"Go frolic in the snow!" hehe :D

I've also had this daisy umbrella that i've been dying to use at a shoot to bring a burst of color. Nothing needs more color then a white blanket of snow! :)


Wa chaa. Somebody's pretty. :D

Beautiful in its simplicity.


Happy Snow Day!

Stay Beautiful,

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  1. So I got something to say to you buddy- WA BAM!!! :D These are very very lovely.... the pink umbrella is the perfect touch!!! And Julie is so pretty! Happy snow day! :)