Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Happy March everyone!

The month of March marks our 1 year anniversary since going to Italy. Let me tell you, I miss that place so much! Some things from our trip feel like they were just yesterday, and other things feel like a dream... I think I miss the food most. ;P In case you were wondering, Americans can't make good bread to save their lives. I miss bread from Italy so much. We've been on the hunt for a year now and we've yet to find a good place that makes it like Italy. :(

I've been rocking all my pre-spring outfits! Which consist of white v-necks, cardigans, and scarves. But not just any scarves, my Italian scarves. :]


I hope you all are enjoying the pre-spring weather and are rocking your own scarves!

Quick side note, I've had a lot of interest in senior sessions! :D But with the workshop and my own personal things, spring and summer are really starting to fill up. So, let me know if you want to be put on my list for a senior shoot, or any type of shoot! ae.photography.w@gmail.com

Stay Beautiful,


  1. yay for cardigans and scarves :D lovely picture too.

  2. Well don't you just look gorgeous, adorable, beautiful.... as always. :)