Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello friends!

I've got some exciting news for you. I'm hosting my first ever workshop!


I've pretty much been doing a little jig around my house all day. I'm so excited to do this with you all & my Dad! I was receiving a lot of interest in people asking to shadow me, & learn about their camera, so I thought having a one day workshop where we could do all of this and possibly have a random dance party while doing it would just be wonderful. ;) I really believe in investing into amateur photographers because a photographer invested in me. My Dad has been doing photography for over 20 years, and when it comes to technical stuff, he's the man. So, he will be leading that part and I'll be doing the business side. I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to work one on one with each person, so I'll definitely be making my rounds! I also look forward to showing all my random quirks that I do during a shoot because we will being doing an actual couple shoot at the end! :) I'll also be taking headshots for each person so they can use them in their blog if they need to. Dad & I are really excited about this!

If you haven't like the facebook page yet, get to it! :)

Stay Beautiful,

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