Sunday, May 2, 2010

There's this camera..

that just happens to weigh 18.30 pounds when you put both lenses, the body, and the flash together. This camera is special. And not just special because it's the best Nikon camera on the market right now. Oh no, this camera has a very special little story.


We all remember this story, right? Okay perfect. So now we can fast forward a little bit, to Rome, in a train station, where my Dad's precious camera bag was stolen. We still don't know exactly how it happened, but we know it is gone. They stole everything. (Camera body, both lenses, flash, camera cards, filters, batteries, everything) My Dad had been working on his collection since I was 6. Dad's D1 has been part of the family. I got my love of photography from this camera, and before I purchased mine I used his all the time. Photography is what my Dad and I do together, it's our "thing". Yeah, photography is my job and my passion, but there is a huge sentimental factor that goes with photography because of my Dad, and especially his camera.
So, back in Rome, our hearts are racing and we are searching all through our pile of luggage. It's not there. I sucked my tears back for as long as I could, but within the next 10 minutes I lost it, in front of God and everybody. I felt like my dog had died, and I kept waiting for my Dad to start sobbing with me. He was dying inside. We were crushed and needless to say our whole experience in Rome kinda got killed. The only thing that kept us going on our train ride to Florence was the thought of insurance. *The camera was insured, the camera was insured... We WILL get another* were our silent chants the whole time.
(Here comes the happy part) Dad has wanted the Nikon D3 since it came out in 2008, but we all knew there was NO WAY we could afford it. So, with all the money that we had from insurance, it was a pretty simple decision. Get the D3. But now, there is the new, fancy one called the D3s. ;) So you can bet your bottom dollar that is what Dad got. :] (Yeah we had to fork down a big chunk of change to split the difference that insurance didn't cover, but come on. This was Dad's dream.) It's beautiful, my Dad is in love, and did I mention he is my second shooter? Yeah, I'd call that a good deal. ;)


Look out world, Tim Wesolek is coming. :D
Stay Beautiful,

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  1. ahh thats terrible that your dad's camera was stolen...but happy the story had a happy ending! that camera is so huge! wow! :D